Eyelash Extensions


What are eyelash extensions?

These are synthetic mink and silk eyelashes that are applied, very carefully isolating one lash at a time to your individual lashes, giving you a natural or dramatic look. Eyelashes renew themselves within every 12 weeks, with a few falling out daily, hence why they are referred to as Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions. They will need to be maintained to keep them looking as full, thick and beautiful as the day you first had them applied by having in-fills. The lashes we provide are available in different curls, length and thickness, so we can personalize your extensions just for you! Choose from either Classic Eyelash Extensions or Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions.

We also tailor make and design your eyelashes to suit your facial features, using specific framework we can help to hide less appealing features, while accenting the good.

They are light weight and soft, making them very comfortable to wear and leaving you feeling complete, even without make-up on. Remember, keeping your natural eyelashes healthy is paramount, which is why we take great care over hygiene, careful application and good after care advice.

The Procedure

When you come to the Salon you will be presented with our Eyelash Consultation form, this allows us to make sure you are a good candidate and to ensure you know all about the service before we start. The procedure will be like a 2 hour trip to the spa, with our very welcoming relaxing room and comfortable chairs with background music playing you will look forwards to your time of relaxation and at the end of it, leave with your amazing Eyelash Extension feeling ready to conquer the world! 

Are they waterproof?

Yes indeed they are, you can swim, shower and enjoy everyday life as though they were your natural lashes


After we finish your beautiful set of Eyelash Extensions we will give you our aftercare instruction leaflet as well as go through all the do's and don'ts with you and also your own personal lash brush!

Our Promise to you

Here at EnvyLash & Brow Bar, we use nothing but the best products ensuring our work is the best it can be for our clients. 


Classic Lashes

Full Set $200

Infills every 2 weeks $60

Infills every 3 weeks $80

Classic lashes are perfect for clients who have alot of lashes who want to add length and curl and also for clients who have very short lashes or think they have none at all! Classic lashes can either be natural looking or glamorous looking depending on the type and look you are wanting which will all be discussed before we start.


Volume Lashes 

Full set $250

Infills every 3 weeks $100

Volume lashes are when multiple lashes are applied to one single natural eyelash by using a fanning method. The lashes used for this method are significantly thinner to allow safe application without damaging the natural lash. Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and give the client a fuller look. Volume Lashes are perfect for clients who don't have alot of lashes, have spares lashes, bald spots or just want a more dramatic look without having to use thicker Lash Extensions


$20 Try out service

If you'd like to test out our products to make sure they work for you we do a 'try out service' where we place a few lashes on the ends and wait 24 hours to make sure you do not have alergies/allergic - or ask for an alergy test from our glue (free!)

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